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Business Website - Custom Package - Azumano Travel Show

Business Website - Custom Package - Azumano Travel ShowWebsite: Azumano Travel Show

Agency: Burnett Media Group Client: Azumano Travel & KPAM Radio

Framework: Joomla CMS

Design: Custom web design by VORTO

Package: Custom

Scope: Our clients requirements:

  • Easy navigation (target audience 50+ years old)
  • Registration/Membership for listeners so that they could accumulate a database of listener's email addresses so Azumano Travel could (should they decide to) use it for marketing travel packages
  • Calendar for posting upcoming shows & other events from front end
  • Photo Gallery where members could upload their vacation photos
  • Listeners could comment on each others photos
  • A way to run photo contests for listeners
  • Discussion Board for members to discuss vacation topics
  • A simple way for Show Producer to upload segments & interviews from past shows and have them categorized by topic, allow them to play and be downloaded
  • A way for listeners to comment on the radio interview segments
  • Listeners able to edit their account info & upload profile picture
  • Twitter feed for Azumano Travel Show
  • Twitter feed for Azumano Travel
  • Google Travel News feed
  • Subscribable RSS feeds available throughout the site
  • Rotating banner ads for Azumano Travel's specials
  • Adding content, policing content/image uploads could be done from the front end (simpler than the back end)
  • Single Search Box needed to be able to search entire site content - calendar, photo gallery, discussion board/forum, and interviews
  • A form for people to submit a question for On-Air use.

A very tall order to say the least. Especially getting the different components to play nice with each other. We accomplished it, with some custom programming, along with some very robust plugins for Joomla.

Some of our additional tweaks:

  • When a listener registers for the site, a photo gallery is automatically created with their display name
  • "Live Stream" link appears (top left column) only while show is on the air so that visitors can listen to the show
  • Listener registration was integrated between Photo Gallery, Forums, and Interview Comments
  • Google "Captcha" (Spam and bot protection) added for non registered listener comments - does not display if listener is logged in
  • 24 random headers appear with different travel destinations in background
  • Site design is extremely clean, while still looking similiar to KPAM's & Azumano Travel's websites
  • Used CCK (Content Construction Kit) to accomplish tag categorization of the interviews
  • The Travel Show Gallery & Azumano Travel Gallery along with 6 Random Images show up everytime on the main " Photos" page

All clients were extremely happy and appreciative of the end result.


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