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Business Website - Standard Package - Isom Endodontics

Business Website - Standard Package - Isom EndodonticsWebsite: IsomEndo.com

Client: Isom Endodontics

Framework: Joomla 2.5 CMS

Design: Custom web design by VORTO

Package: Standard Website Plan plus custom elements

Scope: Isom Endodontics has been using our forms service at Secure Forms Vault for a couple of years. They called us because their current site wasn't displaying properly. They were frustrated with the service they were getting from their current web designer, and wanted us to take over hosting and managing their website also. After getting their username and password to gain access to the admin for their site, it became evident their site had been hacked with a SQL injection, corrupting the database. We rebuilt their site from scratch, and had them back live in 48 hours. Yea, they were really happy.

Website security note: ALL websites are vulnerable to attacks. Just because a site is hacked or attacked, it does not mean the attacker got anything. There are a bunch of sick-and-twisted people out there that seem to get enjoyment out of taking a website down, and making work for others. Websites that VORTO designs, developes, and/or manages are backed up three times a week. If one of those sites get attacked to the point of corruption, we can restore the site back within hours, not days.


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