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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Getting results from Search Engines

Over the last several years it has become imperative to get your company to show up on the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The higher on the page your company appears, the more traffic your company's web site is likely to receive, improving your chances of gaining new customers.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves modifying a web site's content, page titles, URLs, etc. to improve your search engine results placement when people search for words or phrases that describe your business.

When someone goes to a search engine such as Google, they type in what they are looking for.  On the right is an example.  You can click the image to view the full size image.  The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) contains three basic areas.  google seo sm

  • "Organic" results are reflected in the green area.  These results are based upon content, page titles, URLs, etc. and are most likely to provide the searcher with the information they are looking for.  Most people click only on links in this green area.
  • Business Listings are reflected in blue.  These results are relatively new, and are designed to help searchers locate local businesses that may carry the product or provide the service they are looking for.  Web site owners need to list their site with each of the respective search engines to get their company to show up in this area.
  • Sponsored Links results are reflected in the red area.  These are advertisements paid for by companies to show up when searchers search for certain words or phrases.  If the searcher clicks on one of the ads, the business that listed the ad is charged on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) basis.  The price for the click is determined like an auction.  Companies bid by saying how much they are willing to pay for a click-thru to their web site. The company with the highest bid is listed first, and in descending order down the page, up to eleven in the case of Google Adwords.  If a company is not one of the top eleven bidders for that key word or phrase, they will not show up, even though they are enrolled into the program.

At VORTO, we offer two SEO Website Plans that will improve your company's "Organic" search engine results, adding to your website such items as:

  • Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs
  • Adding 'keywords' & descriptions to each article
  • Creating article headings with keywords as often as possible
  • Submit your site with the major search engines - Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Create/modify the 'robots.txt' file
  • Upload your site map in XML format to the major search engines - Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • We DO NOT engage in 'black hat' tactics
  • Set up your 'Google Analytics' Account, embedding the code in your site
  • List your site with major search engines 'Local Business' Centers
  • Set up Pay-Per-Click advertising with the major search engines - Google, Yahoo, Bing

Content Management

What is a "Content Management System?"

With regards to the web, a Web Content Management System (WCMS) are API Frameworks that allow web page content to load into web pages via a database.  Often referred to as dynamic (database driven) web sites, CMSs separate the content from the formatting and style appearance which is controlled via a template & CSS.  Enough with the geek talk, here's what you need to know:


  • Database holds the content
  • Template & CSS controls the appearance


The benefits are huge.


  • Allows non-technical users to add new web pages or edit existing pages - If you can work in Microsoft Word, you can add/edit pages in a CMS.
  • Website appearance can be changed with a new template, without recreating the content.  This allows you to give your company's web site a face lift, without recreating your entire site.  Helps you keep the appearance of your website current.


We chose Joomla CMS

There are three main players in the open source CMS arena; Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. While they all have their good and bad, Joomla is the most versatile. We can create a web site to look however you want with Joomla.  Plus, there are over 4,500 extensions available, allowing us to efficiently add such items as video players, photo galleries, blogs, forums, and shopping carts.

Website Design & Development

In today's business envrionment, websites are an absolute necessity. They are your virtual storefront or place of doing business for any and all potential customers. Many times it is your prospective customers first impression of your business. If your web site appears messy, unpolished, or unprofessional, customers naturally assume that's the way you conduct business.

Websites are also full of opportunity for businesses.  They're a chance to make that favorable first impression. Your web site is also a great opportunity to present your product or service in a positive light.  Think about it like this: your web site is your 24 hour a day, 7 day a week salesperson.  A salesperson that always has a good day, always says exactly what you want them to say, and expects no payroll or benefits packages.

A successful web site design comes from defining the purpose of your site up front, before any code is written.  What is the purpose of your website?  Is it an online brochure? Do you want it to sell your product or service? Do you want your website to handle transactions and accept credit cards? What demographic are you trying to attract to your business?  Vorto can help you narrow your objectives and find the right tone and appearance of your web site.

We professionally design custom websites to fit any type of business and budget.

We have been designing and maintaining websites for over 10 years.  We have seen design trends change over that 10 year span.  Nowadays, we use the Joomla CMS framework, because of its versatility, and because we can allow our clients the option of editing their own website.  As always, we are still available to make changes if you are too busy or you really just don't want to take the time with it.

With SEO, if we build it, they will come

The best designed websites, with the best presentation still won't increase your company's revenues if your prospective customers never see it.  In today's high-tech, fast-paced world, search engines like Google are what the Yellow Pages™ were 20 years ago. It used to be that putting ads in the Yellow Pages™ would almost guarantee your phone to ring, and they charged handsomely for that result. Today, getting on the first page of Google's search results is very comparable to buying a large display ad in the Yellow Pages™.  You have to get your business on that first page if you want your phone to ring.  We offer two website plans to address your company's Search Engine (SEO) needs.

A Very Interesting Fact: BG & AG and the 80-20 switch

With the convenience and popularity of the internet, most consumers have changed their buying habits.  It can easily be explained by: Before Google (BG) and After Google (AG).  Before Google, approximately 80% of consumer's information about a product or service would come from the salesperson, and 20% from other places such as friends, referrals or brochures.  Since 80% of their information came from the salesperson, companies used salespersons that were likable and could close the sale.  Now that 80-20 has switched.  Roughly 80% of a consumer's information comes from the Internet, and 20% from the salesperson.  Salespeople no longer need to have presentation and closing skills, as most modern consumers do not wish to be "sold" or feel that they're being "sold" a product or service. These consumers prefer to be well versed in the product or service your company offers before you ever hear from them.  Most of the time, when a prospective customer calls, they are already sold, whether they're searching for price or they need a few questions answered before they commit to purchasing.

Your goal, is to have enough information (the sales presentation) on your website to inform them about your product or service and why they should buy from you.

Our copywriters are knowledgeable in both Sales & Marketing, as well as SEO.  They carefully craft pages to be both educational and appealing and to get Google to recognize that your website has information about your respective product or service.  Our SEO Plus Website Plan will not only get you on the first page of Google, but will pursuade those visitors to buy from you.

Note: Currently Flash (by Adobe) does not display on Apple's iPhone, iPad, and most smart phones. Until the war is over between Apple and Adobe, and either Flash goes away, or Apple allows Flash to be installed on their mobile devices, we are recommending against Flash of any kind on a website. Similiar items such as slide shows and rotating images can still be accomplished with javascript.