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Demonstration Videos

Don't tell your audience - Show them!

People hate reading manuals. They want their answer quick and easy. Demonstration videos explain and teach both prospects and customers how to best use your product or service. We can professionally script or, if you are used to presenting your product or service, you can do it. Sometimes seeing the effectiveness of a product in use is enough to convert a visitor into a buyer. Also, demonstration videos can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction.

Product Demonstration Video - Follicles TriOxinator

Demonstration Video - Follicles TriOxinatorClient: Follicles

Description: Instructional video on the proper usage of their Trioxinator.

Scope: Complete package.  We did everything on this video, from writing the script, getting the Voice Over talent, compiling a shot list, all Motion Graphics including creating the manual CG, selecting royalty-free b-roll footage and music bed, etc.