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Web Commercial - FirebrandPC

Web Commercial FirebrandPCClient: Manti Group (FirebrandPC)

Description: Video produced to promote fundraising on Kickstarter.com & possibly with Venture Capitalists

Scope: Script was a joint effort between VORTO and Manti Group. Vorto did the rest, including all creative graphics (including logo), additional on screen text, music selection and mixing, sound effects, etc.  Far exceeded client's expectations.

NOTE: Even though the video was shot in HD wide-screen, Kickstarter needed letter box (4:3 ratio). Notice the FirebrandPC logo during the video resembles 'airbrush' fire similar to what is on motorcycles, but the colors are changing as if it were fire. Also, the airbrushed 'Thank You' at the end, while tricky, turned out pretty nice.