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Web Commercial - MICI (Madden Industrial Craftsmen, Inc.)

mici comm-smClient: MICI (Madden Industrial Craftsmen, Inc.)

Description: Web Commercial.

Scope: Create Web Commercial for client to use in their marketing efforts. Vorto was responsible for everything - the script, choosing voice-over talent and music, shooting the video on-location at their office, choosing stock footage, and creating all motion graphics.

Why we did what we did: Obviously services are more challenging to sell than products. With products you have something to show, but with services, there isn't anything to show. MICI really doesn't have any competition other than companies hiring themselves. So, we sold against how much time and effort it takes to hire someone.

We kept the video constantly moving forward, so that people would never get bored watching it. Some of the subtleties of the project we used were their logo outline as the boxes on the services they provide (1:12 mark) and their locations near the end (2:30 mark). The construction arrows near the end are going down on the part we are selling against, then cleverly switch to going upwards when talking about MICI (2:24 mark). Their name and logo are throughout the video, so that people will remember it. The very end with the lightning bolts was a separate piece we had done for them to use at the end of their blog videos. In truth, the clip really doesn't go with this video, but their jingle is so infectious, memorable, and gets stuck in your head, that we felt obligated to use it. Oh yea, the client loved the video. Client will be using it as salesman support, QR code that points to the video on the back of business cards, on their website, and playing in their booth at trade shows and job fairs on a DVD.